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Edu Gate : Enterprise School Management System


Edu-Gate is a enterprise school management system that provides you with everything that you need to manage your school, all at one place. It’s not just the simple user friendly environment or the fast response time that makes us better, we will be always there with you supporting your IT needs and always help keep your valuable data secure.

Edu Gate School Management System

Edu-Gate FAQs

  • Edu-Gate takes care from boosting enrollment to stepping up grades and managing day-to-day activities.
  • Edu-Gate can be hosted on campus or on the cloud
  • Edu-Gate reduces your school’s administrative cost by 50%.
  • Edu-Gate will bring up to 75% reduction in paper filing.
  • Edu-Gate is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customized to meet your needs.
  • The User experience in Edu-Gate is designed from the ground up to engage students, teachers and parents. More engagement leads to more customer-loyalty.
  • All our plans support unlimited users. This way your institution can continue to grows without rising subscription costs
  • Edu-Gate creates a real-time online collaboration platform connecting parents, teacher and students.
  • Edu-Gate offers two way and multi mode communication tools to instantly connect with your Current and potential clients.

Why Edu-Gate

Edu-Gate has everything you need to keep things running smoothly all in one place.

Easy to Use



Better UI will result in more engagement from students, teachers and parents. More engagement leads to more loyalty.

Serious Security



Industry leading security keeps your valuable data secure. Additional security measures can be added to meet your needs.




Edu-Gate is flexible enough to perform almost any kind of school management function. We can modify and alter Edu-Gate according to meet your special needs.




Edu-Gate is built to handle the growing amount of data in an institution with almost zero impact on the performance.

Unlimited Users



All our plans support unlimited users. This way your institution can continue to grows without rising subscription costs.

Premium Support



We feel highly privileged to attend to all of our customer’s support needs. Got questions or need some training? We’ve got your back. To get started, go to our Help page


Edu-Gate Portals

School Management System Portals

 Admin Portal is the portal for the Admin of the system. From this portal admin can setup basic school information like classes, courses, holidays, etc.
 This is the student portal; from which the student can review his/her courses, exams, and attendance. Every thing that the student needs, can be find here.
 Teachers can monitor their classes, courses, exams, and more. Teachers can notify parents or school management by any message or note, they can raise blames, announce events, and more.
  Parent a basic part of the education process, because of that we have a special portal for them. From this portal, parents can monitor their children progress in the school, they can be notified by their child problems, know their exams timing, and their classes timetables, etc.
  Every purchase requirements for the school can be managed and monitored from this portal. The financial manager can monitor and know every procurement in the school.
   In this module Bus supervisor can setup and define Bus tracks, pickup points, assembly points, assign drivers, appoint Buses, and more.


Your School is in your Pocket

Edu Gate School Management System Easily launch a custom Android or iOS App branded in your school’s name and logo. Mobile apps reinforce your brand as it’s always visible on the phone’s screen.



Your Language is supported

Edu-Gate contains a special module called Translation module. From this module, you can translate the application to the language you want. The modules arrange all the keywords in the application in a translatable fields, and you can provide your desired translation, and display the application in your favorite language.

Edu Gate Translation module

See Edu-Gate in Action

We believe that you have the right to see and check our products live, It is one of our work ethics. To try our ERP, all you have to do is to click on the following image to enter our Edu-Gate system and see it in action.


Edu-Gate ERP Home


Want a Demo? Tell Us

Before you decide to adopt Edu-Gate, request a demo for out application. Tell us your ideal time, and out team will be more than happy to show a live demo about Edu-Gate and tell you more about its modules and specification

Edu Gate Translation module

Ask for a Demo


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