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How to Add active Web links and a ScrollView - Part two

In this post we will show the usage of ScrollView, and how to use it in the case of larget texts. This application contains a combination of TextView and ScrollView usage in an Android application.

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Android ScrollView sample step by step - Part One

This is a practical Android Sample has two parts, the first part shows you how to use TextView and how to embed it inside a ScrollView to a commodate a long text. It shows you how to use Hyberlink from within a text

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23 Jul

SQLite Android Example Step by Step

In this SQLite Android Example we will scratch the surface of SQLite database, and we will examine the basic implementation of this database and how to use it 

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Image as Button Android Example

In our Image as Button Android example, that shows how to use an image as a button in Android application. The example displays multiple fruit images, that can be used as buttons.


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Android RelativeLayout Example

In this post we will cover a Android RelativeLayout example that shows you how to align five  buttons and a TextView in an Android application.

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03 Jul

How to Run Android Application on Real Device

This post shows how to run Android Application on Real Device. To do this, follow the following steps. You could find a slight difference from device to another

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Unknown Run Configuration type in Android Studio

Some of the common problems that could face Android begginers is the Unknown Run Configuration type in Android Studio.

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18 Aug

Android Relative vs. Constraint Layout

In this post we talke about Android Relative and Constraint layouts. We talke about the bros and cons of both layouts, and give some simple examples.

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16 Aug

Adding onClick Handler Sample - Android Application

 In this post, we will examine how to make our project interactive, by Adding onClick Handler to enable user interaction with our application.

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14 Aug

Android LinearLayout Example

In this post, we will talk about Android LinearLayout Example, it will highlight some crucial concepts in Android development

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